Flamingo Flooring has one of the largest selections of flooring for residential and commercial settings from over 100 vendors. We carry materials that cater to every taste and budget, with everything from the trendiest styles to classic, tried and true options.

​Natural Stone

Always elegant, natural stone is a beautiful high-end option for adding luxury to a room. We carry high quality natural stone flooring options that guarantee the best results. Our stone selection includes marble, travertine, slate, limestone and quartzite.


Affordable and versatile, vinyl flooring is the perfect budget friendly option if you want the look of natural stone or wood flooring without the price tag. Modern innovations have made vinyl an incredibly stylish upgrade.


Tile floors are simple and timeless. The variety of colors, sizes, styles and patterns makes it a consistently popular choice for indoor and outdoor applications. Not only are tile floors incredibly easy to maintain, they are also environmentally friendly.


Laminate flooring is your best option to get the look and feel of hardwood without the extra cost and maintenance requirements. Laminate can resist stains, scratching, fading and moisture, making it perfect for homes with pets and small children.


Hardwood flooring is the most popular flooring choice for homeowners. It’s easy to see why. Wood floors offer a variety of looks, including glossy finishes or distressed, weathered textures, creating an aesthetic that’s both beautiful and unique.


Cozy and inviting, carpet adds a warm atmosphere to your home. We partner with the most respected manufacturers in the business to bring you high quality residential and commercial carpet options. Choose from level loop, Berber, frieze, patterned and more to upgrade your space.