Welcome to Our Company
Welcome to Our Company
Welcome to Our Company

Your Complete Flooring Solution Provider

Experience our full range of services, where we confidently handle projects of any complexity. With a track record of successful installations and top-quality finishes, we bring your flooring dreams to life. Trust in our expertise, as we continuously adopt new technologies and provide long-term guarantees. Building exceptional floors is our vocation!

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Riley Summers

CEO, Flamingo Flooring

36 + Years

Professional Experience

1065 People

Employees in Team

943 Locations

Finished Flooring Installations across the USA

Installation steps

How it Works

How it Works

Assessment and Planning

Evaluate the space to determine the flooring needs and carefully plan the layout and design for an optimal installation.


Subfloor Preparation

Thoroughly remove any existing flooring materials and debris, ensuring that the subfloor is clean, dry, and level before proceeding with the installation.


Flooring Installation

Meticulously place and secure the flooring material, employing precise techniques to achieve proper alignment and connection between the individual pieces.


Finishing Touches and Inspection

Complete by adding trim and molding, and conduct an inspection to verify the quality, making any necessary adjustments.

Focused and Future Ready

Right People to Deliver Unique Construction Solutions

Our Vision: Striving for Excellence

At Flamingo Flooring, our relentless pursuit is to constantly elevate our standards. We excel in handling projects of diverse complexity, offering long-term guarantees, and consistently staying ahead of the curve with emerging technologies. Our extensive portfolio boasts numerous successful ventures, ranging from multi-story buildings to single-family homes, all characterized by exceptional finishes and meticulous repairs. Flooring craftsmanship is not just our profession; it's our passion and purpose.

What We Take Pride In

  • Our Geographic Reach: All Over US
  • Navigating Complex Projects: Adapting to Any Challenge
  • Tailoring Solutions for Unique Requirements for 36 years
Focused and Future Ready
Focused and Future Ready
Focused and Future Ready

Your Flooring

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Each of our completed floorings comes with a 2-5 year warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing that your floors are in good hands.


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