Step onto warm floors even on the coldest mornings. Our top-notch floor systems provide ultimate comfort, energy efficiency, and a touch of luxury for your home or commercial space. Beyond comfort, they offer precise temperature control, even heating, and reduced energy wastage compared to conventional methods.

530 Warm spaces

In 2022, we will have installed over 803 homes and businesses with heated floors, providing cozy and comfortable environments for our satisfied clients.

5187 Sq ft

We have covered an impressive 2,187 square feet of space with our heating systems, creating warm and inviting atmospheres.

36 years

Experience the difference with our 36 years of expertise in enhancing homes through top-notch floor solutions.

Types of heat floors

Flamingo offers two main heating floor systems: electric radiant and hydronic. Each has unique features and is suitable for different applications.

Electric radiant heating uses cables or mats beneath the floor, ideal for smaller areas. It’s quick to respond, easy to install, and suitable for tile, laminate, and engineered wood flooring.

Hydronic heating uses water-filled pipes to efficiently heat larger spaces or entire houses. It requires professional installation and works with various materials.

Choose electric or hydronic flooring, and our experienced team will help you select the best option based on your requirements, budget, and project scope.

How we work

Installation steps

Installation steps


Schedule a consultation with our experts to discuss your needs and preferences. We will provide guidance on the suitable floor options for your space.



Our team will visit your location to assess the area and determine the feasibility of installing floor. We will evaluate factors such as room size, insulation, and existing floors.



Based on the site assessment, we will develop a plan for the floor installation. This includes the heating element layout, wiring, and thermostat placement.



Our technicians will install the floor system according to the planned layout. We will ensure proper connection to the electrical system and test the functionality.

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    All Flamingo's specialists have a minimum of 3 years of experience, possess all the necessary certifications, and undergo regular professional training.

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    • Choosing the Right Heat Flooring System

      Choosing the right heat flooring system is crucial for comfort, energy efficiency, and long-term performance. Our experts guide you to a system that seamlessly matches your flooring type, room size, and budget

      <h2>Choosing the Right Heat Flooring System</h2>
    • Maintenance Tips for Heated Floors

      Maintain cleanliness by using non-abrasive cleaners for regular floor cleaning. Prevent damage by avoiding sharp objects and placing protective pads under furniture legs. Monitor and adjust thermostat settings for optimal comfort and adapt to changing seasons or personal preferences.

      Maintenance Tips for Heated Floors

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      Your go-to experts for top-quality heat floor installation. Our dedicated team guarantees exceptional results for ultimate comfort and energy efficiency. Contact us for a consultation or to learn more about our services.

      Your Heat Floor Experts

    Heated Floors Cost by Type

    Material Average Cost per Square Foot
    Hydronic $6 - $20
    Electric $8 - $15
    Radiant panels $11 - $17
    Warm-water mats $15 - $20

    Installation Cost

    Heated floor installation averages $10 to $25 per square foot, but the actual cost varies based on area size, heating type, and local labor expenses. Contact us for an exact price.

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      Heated floor installation places elements like electric cables or water-filled pipes beneath the flooring to generate warmth in the room.

      Heated floors work with various materials like tile, hardwood, laminate, and carpet. Consult our experts to ensure proper compatibility and installation methods for your chosen flooring.

      Heated floors work well in bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, and bedrooms. Consider factors like room size, insulation, and usage patterns for the most effective heating solution.

      Properly installed heated floors are energy-efficient, emitting radiant heat from the ground up to minimize heat loss. Programmable thermostats provide precise temperature control, optimizing energy consumption.

      Yes, heated floors can be installed in existing homes. Our experienced technicians will assess your situation for the best installation solution based on current flooring and subfloor accessibility.

      Heated floor installation duration varies based on factors like area size, flooring type, and system complexity. Our team will provide a timeline tailored to your project requirements.

      Professionally installed heated floors are safe, meeting industry standards for insulation, electrical connections, and thermostat controls.

      Heated floor installation enhances comfort, energy efficiency, and creates a luxurious, cozy environment, potentially reducing heating costs.

      Flamingo Flooring proudly installs flooring nationwide, in cities and countryside areas.